Meet Jasmine Boyd


When I moved to Memphis...

I didn't know what to expect. I hoped I would have many opportunities in the city, but had no idea I would fall in love with both its grit and grind. From runs at Tom Lee Park to anything on the Cozy Corner menu, nearly 6 years later Memphis has become a part of me. And, I am grateful that my southern roots have taken hold in west Tennessee.

My natural leadership skills have shown brightly long before I knew what to call them. From an early age, I have fiercely pursued justice and equity. Whether on the playground helping friends negotiate childhood spats or now through my work in non-profit fundraising, I have always been driven to care for others, my community, and my world. From these experiences, I have learned to believe in the power of an individual to create small waves of change through simple actions in their daily lives. These waves, then, have ripples that can transform!

I've traveled the country using my passion for problem-solving and helping others access the resources that they need. I am most proud of my work each day to strengthen relationships at local and executive levels to increase brand recognition and support for a children's charity among multicultural audiences. In short, I bring diverse groups of people together, help them see their common threads, and then show them how to take action.

For some time now, I have had a quiet tug on my heart to do and be more for the people I love and the city in which I call home. With the love and support of my family, friends, my parents, sister, and brother, I seek the position of State Executive Committeewoman District 30 for the Democratic party. It is now time for me to answer a greater calling by broadening the visibility and efforts of Democrats to build a better city. I am Jasmine Boyd. And, I am Memphis.