Vote411 Voters Guide

Produced by: League of Women Voters Education Fund

Prior to each election the Memphis-Shelby County League of Women Voters contact candidates to collect valuable information to help voters make informed decisions. The Vote411 Voters Guide will provide a side by side comparison of candidates running for office in your community.

The ballot is email and print friendly, making it easy for you to take with you to the polls. 

Candidate Survey Results

Produced by: Focus Mid-South

In early June, Focus Mid-South invited every candidate (per the Shelby Co. Election Commission's Certified Candidate list) who appear on the August 2, 2018 Shelby County ballot to participate in the survey. Each candidate had a chance to answer questions about LBGT+ equality issues.

All questions were asked in a yes/no format. Candidates had the opportunity to provide brief explanations of their yes/no questions. 



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